House League


The house league consists of 6 sessions and a final, meeting about every month at our hosts’ homes. The league will meet at  8:30 pm on Friday evening as scheduled. (see calendar for current season dates and host schedule).

We break up the players into groups of 3 or 4 seeded by total cumulative points (the first session we seed by past results [IFPA rank for Season 1], and new players start at the bottom). You then move up or down groups, based on your point total. Each session we play five 4 person games on different machines, with points given as follows:


4 player group
3 player group
1st 7 points 7 points
2nd 5 points 4 points
3rd 3 points 1 point
4th 1 point n/a


At the end of the 6 sessions your rank is based on the number of points you have accumulated and WPPRs will be distributed based on this finish.  At the end of the regular season we split the group into “A” (top 8 players), “B” (next 8 players) and “C” (next 8 players) divisions.  Each division will have a best of 3, double elimination tournament to determine final standings prizes.


June 26 – Rob Thomas

July 17 – TBD (Ernie or Ed Most)

August 14 – Kevin Stone

September 18 – Brian Nalley

October 23 – Todd Yoder

November 13 – Don Kraper

December 4 (FINALS) – Bob Johnson

Additional information including host address, machines for league at location, and host house rules will be provided approximately one week before scheduled sessions. 


League fees are $50 per person, $25 goes to the prize fund and $25 goes towards the hosting money.  The prize fund is used for end of year trophies and cash prizes for the top finishers. The hosting money is pooled and divided equally between those that host to help defer refreshment costs. All monies are paid back 100% at the end of every league.  Hosts receive a $25 discount for hosting.


Round 1 will be predetermined based upon descending rank order. Player 1 will be the highest ranked player in the group with players 2, 3, & 4  following  in descending rank order. Player one gets game choice in round 1. For rounds 2-5, the player who finished last gets first selection of game or position followed by the player who finished next to last. The player who finished 1st in the previous game will get the last choice.


Pre-playing is NOT allowed. If an individual is absent he/she stays at their current seed for the next session. Absences will be handled as follows: 1st absence 80% of league average, 2nd absence 60% of league average, 3rd absence 40% of league average. Note: that is your league AVERAGE, so the score for your absent session will go up or down based on your future performance. 

The affected group will play as a group of three.  If there is more than one person missing from a group .. there will be a regrouping process.



With the exception of groupings, points, order of play and other specifics mentioned above, the DMV House league will follow the basic gameplay rules, pinball etiquette, and PAPA/IFPA rules as written on the DMV official rules page.