One final round to go before Season 2 standings are history. Check out your standings today!

Finally It’s The FINALS!
Saturday July 11th, CrabTowne

12:30pm –  Player check in and side tournament starts on Black Night 2000.
1PM– final call for check in, groups for the one game ” last jockey for position” get drawn.
1:45PM-2PM final seedings are set, top 16 are in A, if there are absences in A the next highest seed has the option to play in A or remain in B division.
2PM– Finals for A start.  The top 4 seeds in each of the 4 four player groups has choice of game or order.  The first 4 games picked in A will be used exclusively in A up until the final 4 remaining in B.
2:15PM– B division elimination games start to establish 16 players in B.  All participants not in A have a chance to qualify for B finals.  Top 16 remaining in B play in 4 four player groups, highest seed has choice of game or order, lowest finisher in each group goes to a last chance play in.  All remaining players will play one or two elimination games for 4 spots.  8 people will play for a last chance to get in the top 16 in B then B division finals start.  B players will retain their seed if they lose the first game but win the last chance game.

For both A and B division 4 player groups will be scored 4,2,1,0.  A division will only play 4 player groups.  For B division 3 player groups will be scored 4,2,1 and 2 player groups will be scored 4,2.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday.

Bring Your A Game, Get Paid
Top 4 in A
1st $100
2nd $75
3rd $50
4th $25
Top 4 in B
1st $100
2nd $75
3rd $50
4th $25
Top 16 overall
1st $100
2nd $90
3rd $80
4th $70
5th-8th $40
8th-16th $20
Season 2 Pinball Raffle

DMV will again be giving away a pinball machine to one lucky paid member! Check in with Cristin to verify your name is in the drawing. The winner will need to make arrangements to pick up their new Black Pyramid pinball machine with Cristin ASAP. Thanks!

Inter-Season Tournament

Congrats to our Inter-Season Tournament Qualifiers! Mark your calendars for July 25th and join us at Town Hall in College Park! Details to follow. If you’re not on this list and should be, please let us know at

Black Cat :  Camila Dias, Pierce McLain, Jon Long, Matt Myerson, Bobbie Dougherty, Jon Horner, Katie Kaufmann, Corey Long, Chris Keller, Jessie DeVincent.

Mighty Mikes: Don Kraper, Matt Wycoff, Joe Said, Austin Mackert, James Daley.

Lymans Tavern: Timothy Brown, Steve Stakem, Fil Baird, Holly Eney, Roy DeJarnette, Shawn Hillman, Jamie C., Cristin Gasson, Michael Palinkas, Jon Blundell, Andrew Edmondson, Brian Jackson, William Brown.

Crabtowne USA: Ed Most, Mike Frasca, Connor Most, Shannon Schreier, Justin Bath, Jake Peterson, Rob Thomas, Jacquie Day, Justin Day, Justin Kennedy,Summer Sedlacek, Thom Winters, Kyle Morris, Sean Brown, Ryan Lowman, Eli Omega


Week 1 of Season 3 is scheduled to kick off on September 8. Stay tuned for exciting updates.



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