And We’re Back!

Thanks to all our volunteers and players for making Season 1 a huge success! And thanks for joining us again for Season 2. Welcome to our new players! Let us know how we’re doing and what information you need to to make your experience in our league AWESOME. We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. We are working on re-organizing and providing you with the most up-to-date, accurate information possible and appreciate your patience. Stay tuned!


Crabtowne USA represent! Congrats to you guys for taking a strong lead in standings as we enter our 4th week. Thanks to all the league officers and subs who keep our standings current. Email us at with any questions or corrections.


Don’t forget with DMV you have multiple opportunities to play! Choose any one of our four locations: Crabtowne USA, Lyman’s Tavern, Black Cat, or Mighty Mike’s for your official league points but come to as many league nights as you want to qualify in the bonus game which will make you eligible to participate in our inter-season tournament! Of course you can always join in on any league night just for fun too…and bring a friend! League is always free (except coin drop) to anyone who just wants to check it out. Join us!

Tuesday @ Crabtowne, 8:30 PM

Wednesday @ Mighty Mikes, 7:30 PM

Thursday @ Lyman’s Tavern, 8 PM

Sunday @ Black Cat, 7:30 PM

Bonus Game Qualifiers

Here’s a recap of our first 3 week’s bonus game qualifiers. There will be no mid-season tournament for Season 2 to give our officers ample time to plan and organize an amazing inter-season for our members. Details will soon follow. Please let us know if you think your name should be on this list! For those of you who haven’t yet qualified: Keep trying and PLAY BETTER!

Black Cat :  Camila Dias, Pierce McLain, Jon Horner, Matt Myerson, Bobbie Dougherty

Mighty Mikes: Don Kraper, Matt Wycoff, Joe Said

Lymans Tavern: Timothy Brown, Steve Stakem, Fil Baird, Holly Eney, Roy DeJarnette

Crabtowne USA: Connor Most, Shannon Schreier, Justin Bath, Jake Peterson


Season 2 finals will be held at Crabtowne USA on July 11. Keep an eye out for details on payouts, format, start time, etc in he next couple weeks.

DMV’s Daley Dose of Pinball 

(Written by James Daley)

A DMV pinball tip:  Experiment a little, do different things when you VUK  (Vertical Up Kicking).
The Vertical Up Kicker is present in multiple games at all DMV locations.  The Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Tron, Attack from Mars, Road Show, and World Cup Soccer all have VUK’s that are integral to play.  Especially The Addams Family that has 2 VUK’s and the Swamp VUK can be entered multiple ways – the cheeky blighter.Many times even experienced players will get into a routine and always VUK the same way when in fact it would be to their advantage to see if the game will allow them to VUK differently.  It never hurts to experiment a little to see if you can get away with VUK’ing differently. Some machines will always VUK the same way, others will vary.Knowing what you can and cannot do when a VUK returns a ball to the play field is an important feature to improve on in these games, or any game that has a VUK,
The 3 basic options of receiving the VUK are
1- the semi timed, semi aimed flail flip
2- don’t flip
3- hold the flipper upThe standard response from many players seems to be 1- flip.  On some VUK’s that is the safest and easiest choice.  But on other VUK’s the don’t flip choice is near or at 100% effective.  So for example on the Addams Family if the ball is in the Swamp VUK and you choose to respond by the flail flip,  the ball is directed at speed into the middle of the play field and potential danger.  But if this Addams Family has a Swamp VUK that allows the don’t flip option you can let it come out of the Swamp VUK, don’t flip the right flipper, cradle it on the left flipper, and have a controlled shot to the Chair.  Another Swamp VUK example would be if GREED is spelled out and locks are lit, or quick multi ball is ready or extra ball is ready to be collected then option 3 hold the flipper up is the best option IF the machine allows it.  Do you want an uncontrolled flail at the extra ball from the right flipper or would you prefer a ball cradled on the right flipper to take a controlled shot for that extra ball.  The Black Cat Addams Family Swamp VUK allows option 3 most of the time but is not 100%.  It’s important to remember though that option one , the flip from the VUK is never 100% safe either.One of the first things you should do when your playing a practice game with a game that has a VUK is see how it responds to options 1,2, and 3.  In certain game situations it might make the difference between getting that extra ball or getting Vertical Up Kickered.



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