The Flippin’ News, Week 2

Week 1 is history! See your standings online and verify your results. Please contact us with any questions or discrepancies.
Glitches, Hiccups, and Growing Pains
Those of you who have read the rules (yes, we know who you are) will notice that we are making a few changes to keep leagues running as smoothly as possible. We will update you as those changes occur. Thank you in advance for your patience and contributions. We’re working hard to get this right.
Order Selection Rule Change (change highlighted)
“The LO will write players’ names on the score sheet for game 1 in the order they were randomly drawn. Game 1 will be played in the order as written by the LO. First player listed on machine 1 picks game and goes first. 

For all subsequent matches after game 1, the player who finished last gets first selection of game or position followed by the player who finished next to last. The player who finished 1st in the previous game will get the last choice.

NOTE: No machine may be chosen to be played twice unless there are less than 3 playable machines at a location. If there are two of the same title at a location, only one may be selected on any group.”

Be Our Guest
Guests are always welcome and always free to play a round during league. We encourage everyone to bring a friend and share the fun. Guests cannot earn points or qualify for the bonus game tournament. 
Bonus Game Top Qualifiers!
Congratulations to our Week 1 bonus game top score winners!
Town Hall: Shawn Hillman on AFM with 1,490,150,300
Crabtowne: Justin Bath on Old Chicago with 74,550
Mighty Mikes:  Steve Kapinos on FH with 10,425,180
Lymans Tavern: Joe Said on RS with 240,470,790
Black Cat: Chris Newsom on STNG with 3,428,924,350
The bonus game high score winner from each league location each week is qualified to compete in theDMV Mid-Winter (season) Dance Tournament at Mighty Mikes on February 28th at 2:00 PM.  Members can join us at each location to play the bonus game to qualify..that’s five weekly opportunities to qualify! BUT…you can only qualify once for this tournament so once you’re in, you’re in. Give someone else a chance.
Good luck with Week 2. Play more pinball.
Cristin Gasson, Director of Operations
Joe Said, League Commissioner

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