The Flippin’ News, Week 3

DMV League Standings

Stay up to date on your standings and let us know if you have any questions.

Playing at More Than One Location

We encourage members to join us as often as you like each week. Just keep in mind that you must let us know if you’re playing for points or as a guest BEFORE league play starts. Thank you!

Bonus Game Top Qualifiers!

Congratulations to our Week 1 & 2 bonus game top score winners!

Week 1:
Town Hall: Shawn Hillman on AFM with 1,490,150,300
Crabtowne: Justin Bath on Old Chicago with 74,550
Mighty Mikes:  Steve Kapinos on FH with 10,425,180
Lymans Tavern: Joe Said on RS with 240,470,790
Black Cat: Chris Newsom on STNG with 3,428,924,350

Week 2:
Town Hall: Steve Estes on Pinbot with 907,730
Crabtowne: Alex Jeffery on Cyclone with 1.5 mil
Mighty Mikes: Don Kraper on Star Trek with 26,987,450
Lymans Tavern: Brian Jackson on Twister with 271,879,110
Black Cat: James Daley on TAF with 26,726,770

The bonus game high score winner from each league location each week is qualified to compete in the DMV Mid-Winter (season) Dance Tournament at Mighty Mikes on February 28th at 2:00 PM.  Members can join us at each location to play the bonus game to qualify..that’s five weekly opportunities to qualify! BUT…you can only qualify once for this tournament so once you’re in, you’re in. Give someone else a chance.


The award for the most frustrating and amusing game interruption in pinball has to go to the stuck ball. It’s unavoidable. Stuck balls are going to happen. Sometimes they’re pretty cool. Feel free to e-mail your stuck ball pics (or any fun pics for that matter) and we’ll add them to our website.

Stuck ball sightings are easy to spot. If during league any of the following is observed, you most likely are experiencing a stuck ball.

  1. League members are pointing at their machine quizzically and shrugging their shoulders instead of playing pinball.
  2. Players are hunched over the playfield searching with mobile phone lights or snapping pics and laughing.
  3. The playfield glass is coming off a machine.
  4. Players are taking turns bumping and nudging someone else’s game in play.
  5. The league officer steps up to someone else’s game and shakes the machine.
  6. Players are overheard saying things like “That’s never coming loose.” or “Of course I was in multiball.”
  7. Stakem is swearing. (but this may also mean almost anything or nothing at all)

Regardless of the scenario, DMV Pinball has a number of rules that apply to the stuck ball. In general standard PAPA rulings apply. Familiarize yourself with the tips below and for more information find the detailed rules on the DMV website.


You may attempt to dislodge a stuck ball at your own risk.

STAY CLOSE! Ball search may eject ball back into play.

If ball search fails alert the LO.

The LO may attempt to free the ball by nudging. The player must remain ready to resume play. If the LO tilts the machine it is considered a MAJOR malfunction and the player will receive one additional ball on a new game with the score of the one ball added to the final score of the tilted game.

If necessary and possible, the LO will open the machine to release the stuck ball. If the ball drains while the machine is open it is considered a MAJOR malfunction.

The rescued ball will be placed on player’s choice of flipper or plunger lane. Player will only have choice of flipper on EM’s.

LO makes final call on where ball is placed if in question.


If the LO terminates the game by attempting to release a stuck ball or if the ball cannot be released this is considered a CATASTROPHIC malfunction. (see options in official rules)
Any ball that comes to rest in an outlane, where any portion of the ball is below the outlane post, is not deemed a stuck ball.
Any features or modes timed out while attempting to release a stuck ball are considered normal course of play. No adjustments.
Loss of tilt warnings due to LO nudging is considered normal play.
If more than one ball is stuck, each freed ball will be placed according to the rules, although possibly in multiple locations.


If any ball gets stuck during multiball play the player is expected to immediately attempt to gain control of balls in play and get LO for assistance.
Intentionally continuing to play with a ball stuck during multiball gives an unfair advantage and will result in a penalty.
A ball ending up in the plunger lane during multiball on a machine where there is no autoplunger counts as a stuck ball, and the ball must be plunged by the player.

Loss of all but one ball during multiball as a result of a stuck ball is considered normal course of play. No adjustments.

Good Luck to everyone this week. Play more pinball.

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